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European Schoolnet

6 septembre 2013

Ses membres donnent accès aux développements en cours, pour tous dans ce domaine, gratuit par l’internet :

- Éducation
- Enseignements scientifiques
- Études technologiques et techniques

- ...
- OpenOffice
- Scientific text processor software
- Vector drawing program
- Data analysis program
- Image analysis
- To draw chemical structures
- To visualise 3d molecules

- ... Sources

Synthèse de l’enseignement européen en ligne ouvert à tous.



This paper summarises the actions that European Schoolnet and its members have taken in the area of open content and free and open source (FOSS) development in the field of e-learning.

European Schoolnet provides insight into the educational use of information and communications technology (ICT) in Europe for policy-makers and education professionals. This goal is achieved through communication and information exchange at all levels of school education using innovative technologies, and by acting as a gateway to national and regional school networks. In the recent years European Schoolnet and some of its member networks have, little by little, started trending towards awareness building, piloting and the rolling-out of open source software programmes for schools, as well as investigating possibilities in the area of open content.

Advances have been made in all the areas from analysing and visibility studies to the development of educational software based on open source.


- OpenOffice

  • The Open Source office software for scientific text processing, database applications, graphics creation.
  • Lab reports.
  • Calculation of results
  • Creation of simple charts

- Scientific text processor software LyX

  • Scientific text processor software, making use of LaTeX properties.
  • Full support of mathematical expressions and all
  • Postscript output from scientific programs.
  • Lab reports with even the equations, and output of all X11 science software.

- Vector drawing program Xfig

  • Vector drawing program with a large and extendable parts library.
  • Preparation of schematic drawings (experimental setups) for lab reports.

- Data analysis program Grace

  • Data analysis program
  • Plots diagrams of every complexity.
  • Good software for creating regression and line fit.

- To analyze images GIMP

  • Graphics program to analyze images Image analysis (length, angle)

- Image analysis

  • Image analysis program
  • Analysis of intensity distribution in an image.

- To draw chemical structures Xdrawchem

  • Program to draw chemical structures
  • Report on chemistry lab exercises.

- To visualise 3d molecules

  • Program to visualise 3d molecules
  • Chemistry classroom use and creating images for reports.

- Feynman : A, B, C, D

- A molecular modeling Ghemical

  • A molecular modeling software package
  • Chemistry teaching in high schools

- For the kids Gcompris

  • A software package for the kids
  • For elementary schools.
  • Many different applications around elementary schools teaching

- Many educational software KDE

  • The KDE Education Many educational software